Don't you just find this "bio" things a little boring?
I will spice it up a bit. What do you think?
The "about me" part......(and if anyone choses to throw this in my face at anytime. Know one thing. What you do in this life will haunt you in all your lives.)

Me, Moi, or Mi ....It is funny how to identify yourself in three different languages, english, french and italian all start with "M" I think it is not just because they are all latin based languages, but because "M" is a great letter.
My name, Michelita starts with an "M". "Oh La, La", you must be saying, she is an egotist. Well, if you know me, I am not an egotist, but I do think a lot more than many people. Constantly in my head, shuffling through the"by gone's" and the "I remember when's". I am also looking for the new way to communicate the needs of people who don't have a voice and find themselves victims of a system, or of a people who have no compassion. It is what I was put on this earth to do. I am still trying to find the best means to do this.
I have loved many in my 48yrs and I still love them, but I am not "in love" with them.
Okay that sounds strange, right? Well, this is me. One of my little sayings, "Tell them that you're crazy, this way they won't expect anything from you." Then I will turn around with another self designed proclamation when I say, "I have no points. I am rounded!"
I think life has been fairly interesting for my almost 49yrs on this planet and in this skin. I have met some very interesting people, controlling people, some abusive people, some extremist, some great foreigners, some complete liars, some exciting people, some very passionate people, some narcissists, some alcoholics, some preachers, and some protestors, some deviants, I have met those who loved me and those who used me. I have been lucky as that which was negative was out balanced by the positive in "ten fold".
I share with you my photos. Whether they are good or bad. I have decided that is not for me to keep. I just will leave it to you to take what you like and leave what you don't.
So this is a bio of what I think and not so much about who I am. Well, I think you'll find that out in what I have shared in my words on this page.